GCREC Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

The GCREC Clinic is located at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Cener in Wimauma, FL.

Samples that exhibit early symptom development and have plant parts that are still partially alive (green) offer the best quality samples for accurate plant disease diagnosis. Samples that are totally necrotic, dry, and long dead are not adequate for an accurate diagnosis. Dead tissue is essentially a food source for many saprophytic microbes, hence determining the primary pathogen is often impossible. The best samples arriving at the clinic represent early stages of disease development (i.e. before the plant part is totally necrotic or mush). Samples should be accompanied by a complete data form, which can be found here and is available at our center.

The GCREC CLINC is open from 8-12:00 AM and 1-5:00 PM Monday - Friday (except for University Holidays).

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Natalia Peres
Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology